Bristol, Rhode Island is home to some interesting monuments tucked here and there throughout the town.

  • Monument placed by RI Historical Society at Mt. Hope at site where King Philip of the Wampanoag Indians was shot and killed, ending the bloody King Philip's War.
  • Monument on east side of Hope St. south of Burnside St. noting significant contributions of the Herreshoff Manufacturing Co. to shipbuilding.
  • Firemen's Memorial Monument and park at west end of Church St.
  • Soldiers' and Sailors' Monument in honor of the Bristol Veterans of the Civil War, one of the most striking of its kind. and located on the lawn of Burnside Memorial Building, which in itself is a monument to a Civil War general, and governor of RI and US senator, Ambrose E. Burnside. A monument on the second floor lists names of Bristol men who served in the Civil War, including local men who served under Burnside in the coastal invasion of North Carolina. Another monument lists names of the founding families of Bristol.
  • Colt Memorial School, a monument to Theodora DeWolf Colt, presented to the town of Bristol by her son Samuel P. Colt as a high school for the town of Bristol in 1911 in her memory.
  • Bristol Veterans monument, listing names of Bristol people who have served in various conflicts since World War I.
  • There is a monument to the explorers located at the south corner of Independence Park. Its message is somewhat vague, but it alludes to Columbus, Verrazano, Corte Real, Champlain, Cabot and many others who sailed the shores of North America before permanent colonies were established.