In 1971, A. Sidney DeWolf Herreshoff and Rebecca Chase Herreshoff founded the Herreshoff Marine Museum to preserve and perpetuate the legacy and accomplishments of the Herreshoff Manufacturing Company and its founders, John Brown Herreshoff and Nathanael Greene
Herreshoff. Today the campus includes a large museum facility, the old family homestead, six former company buildings, and a large portion of the company's waterfront with a marina.

As a result of more than fifty years of careful acquisition, documentation, and restoration, the Museum boasts over seventy significant boats, ranging from the 8½' dinghy, NATHANAEL to the 75' DEFIANT, built in 1992 for the successful defense of the America's Cup.

Step aboard restored originals to experience the finely appointed interiors and gain a sense of what it was like to cruise aboard these historic boats, or peruse the Nathanael Greene Herreshoff Model room which holds a collection of of 500 models that are works of art themselves and a testimony to the genius of Captain Nat's design process.

A range of exhibits illustrates important facets of the Herreshoff history. Besides the yachts and models, the Museum has catalogued and displayed hundreds of artifacts and memorabilia significant to the Herreshoff legacy.

To plan your visit, see event and class offerings, and learn more, visit: https://herreshoff.org/