Bristol has a storied history of manufacturing dating back more than 300 years which included everything from distilleries, iron hardware, rifles, rubber shoes and boots, textiles and many others industries related to the marine trades. One of the most prominent firms was the Herreshoff Manufacturing Company (HMC). Well known for superb sailing and power vessels, to include eight America's Cup Defenders, the HMC manufactured a wide range of engines, boilers, gauges and other manufactured products. By the beginning of the 20th Century the HMC was one of the most advanced manufacturing firms in America. This tradition continues today with Bristol's small, but innovative and technically impressive manufacturing sector. True to its heritage Bristol has a very capable core of marine trades businesses and related composites manufacturers. Additionally, there are a number of local firms that are exceptionally strong in machining and engineered plastics. This small manufacturing sector employs a skilled workforce, ships product to all corners of the world and contributes greatly to the local economy.

Saint-Gobain Performance Plastics

Saint-Gobain Performance Plastics is a global leader in the design & manufacturing of custom seals and polymer components.
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phone - 401-253-2000
386 Metacom Avenue, Bristol, RI 02809

Tri-Mack Plastics Manufacturing Corporation

Tri-Mack specializes in advanced thermoplastic composite manufacturing for the aerospace and industrial equipment industries.
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phone - 401-253-2140
55 Broadcommon Road, Unit 1, Bristol, RI 02809

Composite Energy Technologies

In ways that conventional materials are unable, advanced composites enable complex designs to become reality. From concept design through project commissioning, Composite Energy Technologies partners with industry experts to ensure materials and processes are understood and the best solution is developed.
Phone: 401-253-2670
52 Ballou Blvd., Bristol, RI 02809

Westfall Manufacturing

Westfall Manufacturing specializes in producing static pipeline mixers for water treatment, food, beverage and pharmaceutical processing, petrochemical production and more: wherever fluids and/or gases need to be combined efficiently and with minimal headloss.
Our in-house Computational Fluid Dynamics (CFD) analysis capabilities contribute to ongoing development and product testing of cutting-edge devices for our customers. Our patented, innovative designs are known for outperforming the competition.
Phone: 401-253-3799
15 Broadcommon Road, Bristol, RI 02809

Eastbay Manufacturers

Under the leadership of President Louis Victorino, East Bay Manufacturers, Inc., is a manufacturing company that is continuing to invest in the best technology, equipment, and personnel available to exceed our customers' requirements. Integrity, performance, and quality are the cornerstones of the way we do business. We build integrity by meeting and exceeding our customers' expectations, as well as keeping open lines of communication with all of our customers.
Email: 400 Franklin Street, Bristol, RI 02809